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You might not believe it, but artist Jim Warren is self-taught.

Thank you Jim, for the child-like feeling of amazement you have brought back to me. You not only 'hold the light', you create it.

Artie KornfeldCo-creator of Woodstock

Jim is the greatest of the new millennium. His work carries on (in a most beautiful way) the torch for Dali, Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish. I love this man's work.

Chaka Khan10x Grammy-Award Winning Singer

Everything he does is amazing. He is amazing!

Juliette LewisActress

One of the best.

L.A. Times

A living legend.

WylandWorld Renowned Wildlife Artist

He truly is a great artist.

NBC News

Your work simply kicks ass!

Skip PressEditor of Surfing Magazine
About Jim Warren

Jim Warren


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Jim Warren

Grammy-Award Winning Artist

Official Disney® Artist

Over 50 Years of Art

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words… In the case of Jim Warren’s art, a million words would be insufficient to convey the depth and breadth of Jim Warren’s genius…”


Mike Love
Lead Singer of The Beach Boys

Over 50 Years of Creation

Imaginative and creative creations from the mind of Jim Warren.

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Portfolio Feature 17
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Fine Art, Disney, Portraits, Illustrations and more.

Fine Art




From My Fans

I just LOVE the All Dogs Go to Heaven paintings – really touch my heart and yes, I do believe they will be there waiting for us to play!

Susanfrom Jim's painting entitled "All Dogs Go To Heaven"

This piece is the first to move me to tears. I am floored at how well this expresses that “awkward age” without using words. Absolutely amazing work Jim!

Rachelfrom Jim's painting entitled "Awkward Age"

This has always been one of my most favorite album covers ever! Love this painting!

Starfrom Jim's Grammy-Award Winning painting entitled "Against The Wind"

Amazing work, I love how you work the colors here. Simply amazing.

Cindyfrom Jim's painting entitled "Disappearing Ink"
Juliette Lewis with her Jim Warren Painting

Everything he does is different and amazing. He is amazing!

Juliette LewisActress

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