"You might not believe it, but artist Jim Warren is self-taught."


"They say a picture is worth a thousand words… In the case of Jim Warren’s art, a million words would be insufficient to convey the depth and breadth of Jim Warren’s genius..."

Mike Love - Lead Singer of The Beach Boys

"Thank you Jim, for the child-like feeling of amazement you have brought back to me. You not only ‘hold the light’, you create it."

Artie Kornfeld - Co-Creator of Woodstock (1969)

"Jim is the greatest of the new millennium. His work carries on (in a most beautiful way) the torch for Dali, Norman Rockwell and Maxwell Parrish. I love this man’s work."

Chaka Khan - Ten Time Grammy Award-winning Singer

"Everything he does is different and amazing. He is amazing!"

Juliette Lewis - Actress

"One of the best."

L.A. Times

"A living legend."

Wyland - Artist

"He truly is a great artist."

NBC News

"Your work simply kicks ass!"

Skip Press - Editor, Surfing Magazine