Fine Art is defined as “Art concerned primarily with the creation of beautiful objects, most often for the purpose of adorning the walls of homes, offices and museums.” In this catalog of fine art are many of my favorite and most popular paintings which are reproduced as high quality, limited edition Giclée on canvas prints. They are available in three sizes: 18×24″ (small), 24×30″ (medium) and 30×40″ (large).

Pele Rising by Jim Warren

Pele Rising

Prince Forever by Jim Warren

Prince Forever

Looking For Love by Jim Warren

Looking For Love

Jim Morrison's Door by Jim Warren

Jim Morrison’s Door

Mysteries of the Deep by Jim Warren

Mysteries of the Deep

Still Dancing After All These Years by Jim Warren

Still Dancing After All These Years

Mystery Woman by Jim Warren

Mystery Woman

Falling In Love by Jim Warren

Falling In Love

Louis Armstrong by Jim Warren

Louis Armstrong

Shakin All Over by Jim Warren

Shakin’ All Over

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