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I consider my portraits to be more personalized paintings rather than portraits in the traditional sense of the word. When I first started using my own children as models for some of my paintings 20 years ago, parents started asking me if I could do a painting with their children in it, which I of course replied “Yes.”

The process starts with me taking good photos of the children, adults, families or pets in the pose that was decided beforehand during a client consultation. I then put together a sketch, and when approved, I start the canvas. People enjoy seeing the step-by-step progress of these “Portraits” via email and once complete, seeing their loved one in my painting.

Kelsey Grammer by Jim Warren

Kelsey Grammer

Sheen by Jim Warren


Jim with Avengers Fan

Chase and Jim

Portrait of All Dogs Go To Heaven 4

Portrait of Madia

Avengers Portrait by Jim Warren

Portrait With Chase

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Brooke Shields

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis

Portrait of the Beach Boys (50th Anniversary)



Aramini Family

Shaeffer Family

John Stamos

John Stamos

Kelsey Grammer (Fame Wall)

Kristen Chenoweth

Kristen Chenoweth


Portrait of Oscar

Wyland by Jim Warren


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