Since starting my career in high school in 1967, my goal was to have my art inspire and entertain others just as many artists (music, film and fine arts) have done for me. Below are some of the quotes and experiences that I have had with some of my idols/inspirations such as The Beach Boys, Alice Cooper and others.
I am always happy to do interviews and share my art whether it be major news sources or school and college papers.

Jim and kids Drew and Arte on stage with The Beach Boys at the Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, 2009.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words… In the case of Jim Warren’s art, a million words would be insufficient to convey the depth and breadth of Jim Warren’s genius. His gentle and unassuming manner belies the amazing talent he possesses. Jim Warren has generously stated that there is an artist in all of us. That is perhaps, to some degree true. But to witness his level of artistry is to be awed by his brilliance.
Jim Warren’s art is masterful in that so much of his creativity can transport the beholder to a place of transcendent beauty. A place of pure inspiration and liberation from our often ordinary circumstances. Jim warren’s art is like love, flowing from the tip of his brush that he shares with the millions of us who are fortunate enough to be touched and inspired by what he has given and continues to give to the world.”

Mike Love
Lead singer of The Beach Boys

“Your work is wonderful. I enjoyed your site immensely. Love the artwork … great! Fantastic Stuff!”
Dave Davies
Lead Singer of The Kinks

Jim with actress Kristen Chenoweth at a portrait unveiling party in New York, 2011.

“Some artists are good at scenes of unmitigated horror. Some have remarkable senses of humor. Some are fine portrait painters. Some can paint wildlife so naturalistcally that you’d swear the animals are about to jump out of the picture. Some are so commercial that they can win awards from other fields, like, say, a Grammy for best album package. And some (a very few) can do all of the above, and much more. Which brings me to Jim Warren…”
Mike Resnick

“I have several of Jim’s paintings. He always captures intense emotion along with his breath-taking art. His unique images literally leap off the canvas with tremendous impact.”
Douglas Schwartz
Creator & Executive producer of Baywatch

Jim and his daughter Drew with Alice Cooper in 2010, 25 years after painting Alice’s album cover “Raise Your Fist and Yell”.

“Many of life’s treasures come as a result of another’s contribution to one’s life. One of those life’s treasures comes to our home as a result of the work of our friend, Mr. Jim Warren.
It’s as if God be-gifted us.”

Pat Morita
Actor & star of The Karate Kid

“Jim is wonderfully specific in his details. He has brought form to some of my favorite nightmares.”
Clive Barker

Jim and John Stamos unveiling portrait of Stamos for a Fame-Wall project ( in New York, New York, 2011.

“One of the best.”
The L.A. Times

“Thank you Jim, for the childlike feeling of amazement you have brought back to me. You not only ‘hold the light’, you create it”
Artie Kornfeld
Creator of Woodstock (1969)

Jim and Chaka Kahn teaching children art at the Community Learning Center Clearwater, Florida in 2003.

“Jim is the greatest of the new millennium. His work carries on (in a most beautiful way) the torch for Dali, Norman Rockwell and Maxwell Parrish. I love this man’s work.”
Chaka Khan

“He truly is a great artist.”

NBC News
Television Show

Jim and Wyland in 2013 with the painting “Littlest Mermaid Rides Again” (and the paintings model Camy).
This was the first collaboration together in 15 years.

“A living legend.”

“I find Jim’s art to be highly original and inspired.”
John Travolta

Jim presenting his painting to Mike Love of The Beach Boys for The Fame Wall.

“Everything he does is different and amazing. He is amazing!”
Juliette Lewis

“Being an animal activist and an environmentalist, I find Jim’s portrayal of the animal kingdom and the environment, in relation to children and the rest of mankind, to be very enlightening.”
Linda Blair

Jim with Kelsey Grammer for his Fame-Wall portrait unveiling on Broadway in 2011.

“Jim’s book is a masterpiece.”
Aaron R. Fodiman
Publisher and Editor of Tampa Bay Magazine

“Jim’s art really communicates. The word ‘under-achiever’ isn’t even in his vocabulary.”
Nancy Cartwright
Actress & the voice of Bart Simpson