It goes without saying that it’s difficult for most of us to visualize what something will look like when it’s on OUR wall. I wanted to present some examples of what my work looks like in different places and settings. I think this may help you to visualize how much more you can bring to an area and how much more life it can have. I will be adding more and more examples and I welcome your suggestions.

The Den featuring You Are What You Wear

The Bedroom featuring Extreme Sports

The Kids Bedroom featuring Dolpin Encounter

The Green Bedroom featuring Tiger in the Woods

The Entryway featuring Heaven and Hell

The Display featuring Remembering Marilyn, Dreamer and Dalis Dog

The Hall featuring Don’t Look Back and Elusive Rainbow

The Elevator featuring Love is all Around You

The Open Area featuring Mother and Child, Dream House and Fountain of Youth

The Bench featuring Winter, Steve Jobs Brainstorming and The Girl with the Wavy Hair

The Stairway featuring War and Peace and Natures Wild

The Corporate Office featuring Maleficent

The Waiting Room featuring Horses in the Snow and Mountain Beauty

The Bosses Office featuring Remembering Marilyn