• Amanda Morley says:

    How much and how do I buy this painting?

  • michael renaudo says:

    How can I puchase the original?

  • Steve says:

    Good Afternoon Jim, We bought this painting on canvas from Park West on our cruise this week on Carnival. We cannot wait to have it reframed and hanging in our family room. The dogs in the picture resemble our little dog Mollie. She is a Schnoodle. Thanks, Mary and Steve Rand.

    • James Phelpa says:

      I also purchased Imaginary Friend from Park West on a Carnival Cruise.

      This was the second piece I bought of Jim Warren. My 1st piece was “Night Moves” bought from the Wyland Gallery on the Boardwalk at WDW.

      I would like to personally thank a classy and accommodating artist. I’ve met Mr. Warren on several occasions and has always taken the time to talk to my family and I about his art.

      Lastly, both of the pieces have been embellished personally by Jim Warren. Imaginary Friends now has our granddaughter’s name etched in the sand, the waves and labs have been accented, and a sand dollar has been painted on the beach.

      Mr. Warren has made the pieces we purchased special. For that, the Phelps family says “Thanks Again”.

      Jim and Carol – Florida

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