One Red Balloon by Jim Warren
by Jim Warren
One Red Balloon by Jim Warren

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  • Mary says:

    Mr. Jim Warren,
    My favorite of your works, which I love all! This just says it all to me.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with me. I’m caring
    for my Father at this time or she would be mine.

  • Rodney Flounders says:

    Hello Mary,
    I am so glad that you were able to meet Jim and to see this beautiful piece in person.
    It is a pleasure to share Jim’s fantastic artwork with people who really appreciate it.
    If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.
    Thank you – Rodney Flounders

    Gallery Director / Galleria Sottil

  • Tammy Bifaro says:

    When I I first saw this beautiful masterpiece in key west, Florida a week ago,I felt such emotion well up inside me, it moved me to tears almost instantaneously! This is the first piece of art to ever do that! Of course it’s a story of my love and loss of my mom 3 years ago, Long story, but I’m going to buy it because I feel an emotion healing taking place inside me ever since that day I first saw it. it truly captures my emotions, love, life and story with my mom! Thank you Jim for creating such a beautiful and sentimental madterpiece!

  • Theresa says:

    Mr. Jim Warren,
    My husband and I were visiting St. Armands Circle in Sarasota as we do yearly. We love to see the beautiful art at Wyland Galleries. It’s normally out of our price range. However, we love to look. Our Son Garrett, passed away two years ago today suddenly, leaving us one and two year old daughters. My husband and I saw this picture and wept right there in the gallery, embracing one another, our emotions taking over. We were thinking the same thing! The symbolic meaning of their loving Daddy and our loving Son being just out of reach. That is the love and feelings that touched us both very emotionally. It was over our budget, but what does budget really mean when something touches you with such raw emotion? Nothing!
    We just got our Art and it came on the day before the anniversary of Garrett’s death. You were able to put his name in an inconspicuous place, which means the moon to us and we are looking forward to seeing this in our living room every hour of every day in our lifetime.
    We didn’t know a painting could stir up such emotion. The shadows, the lighting, everything, it’s beautiful.
    Thank you for your creativity!
    Thank you for your parents too, whom at a young age of two realized who their son was.
    Theresa Jenks

    • James says:

      I have never been moved by a piece of art or photograph. My wife and I don’t even own a hand painted piece of art. I am not one who expresses emotion easily. My wife and I were walking down Duval St. in Key West tonight and she wanted to swing in to a art gallery we were passing. We were looking around when I saw this painting… It instantly brought a tear my eye and feelings that are hard to explain. We both looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. Very similar to an earlier post, almost two years ago we lost a child. A little girl who we greatly would like to have gotten to know. This painting matches nothing in our home, but I bought it on the spot. It’s as if this painting was created just for us. Our sweet little Grace by the sea where we love to spend our time with the red heart balloon representing our love going to the heavens above straight to her. The beauty of this painting represents both the dark and light side of the emotions we struggle with on a daily basis since we lost her. This couldn’t be more of a perfect piece of art for our family. I just wanted you to know how much your work will be cherished by our family for years to come and thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art that has touched so many hearts.

  • Tenika Ferguson says:

    Mr. Warren,
    I was captivated by the piece the moment I laided eyes on it. I was in Key West Fl. last week and visited the Wyland Gallery and seen this as I was walking out. It took my breath away and instantly tears were in my eyes, I was stuck. My boyfriend asked as I left the gallery what was wrong, but I couldn’t speak. 8 years ago, my youngest daughters father commited suicide and we released red heart shaped balloons at his funeral. 28 of them to represent the years he lived. Our daughter was 3 at the time. Several years later we moved to the Carolina Coastline for some soul healing. This painting is an exact representation of this journey we took. I have never had a piece of art effect me the way this one had, and Im an artist. Thank you for your inspiring work and the unbelievable ways it has touched my life.
    Tenika Ferguson

  • Mike says:

    I bought your painting in cape Canaveral florida 4/1000 I to wept uncontrollably when I saw it.

  • Rachel H Solemsaas says:

    We were at Lake Tahoe gallery when we bought a print from you. We even have a photo as you added highlights to the balloon. My favorite of your print. For me, it represent our lovely daughters.

  • Casey Saxon says:

    Hi, Jim, I’ve been trying for years to get my hands on this painting…any suggestions? Thanks, Casey

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