Wild Waters


  • Sharon says:

    This reminds me of my husband love of the ocean and my love of horses. We have been together since 1978.

  • Fred Tiedemann says:

    This was the Navy Mustang community manager theme in his website while I was active duty. Since retiring in 2013 I’ve obtained the gicklee print / painting and it has found a home in my living room. I love it. Jim signed it and put a small dolphin on it as well. Of all of my art, this speaks loudest to me and I enjoy it every night.

  • Amy cohen says:

    Where can I purchase this piece? I have been in love with this picture since I first saw it back in 1990 in Wyland’s gallery in Orlando Florida.

  • Tim Williams says:

    I own # 503, with the certification slip on the back of the picture. Purchased in La Haina, Hawaii in 1997, as a wedding present for my wife. Just wondered what its current value may be. Still hanging in our living room.

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