Intellect by Jim Warren
by Jim Warren
Intellect by Jim Warren

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  • Jennifer Crist says:

    Where can I find a print to purchase?

  • Matthew Hendrickson says:

    I was just revisiting the works of Mr. Warren and wanted to share a story. I was stationed in Long Beach Ca. while serving in the Coast Guard and was drawn to a showing of Jim Warren’s works by an advertisement in a local magazine. I was fascinated by “The Intellect” and purchased a signed copy. I had nowhere to display it and so it stayed rolled in a cardboard tube until I left the service and Returned to Milwaukee. I met my wife there and while living in a small flat my dog decided to ruin my precious conversation starter. Years later my wife,unknown to me, made arrangements to have a second copy, albeit slightly water damaged and graciously resigned by the artist sent to her. She framed the piece and surprised me with it on my birthday. I treasure the meaningful artwork immensely and I treasure my wife’s generosity and love more.

  • Juie Howe says:


    I am interested in your wonderful print, from “the intellect”.

    Thank you,


  • Mark cord says:

    I have a copy of the painting and wanted to know it’s worth. It is 18/25 of the 18×24. Our favorite piece of art.

  • Maria Niglio says:

    Hello Mr. Warren,

    I would love to have a print of this wonderful painting. I am having a difficult time finding this one and wondering if it is available for sale here. If not, might you know of a place where I could find a print of it?

    Kindest thanks!

  • Greg Martin says:

    I’m looking for an intellect Giclee. This is my wife’s favorite art piece and I’d love to give this to her this for our anniversary.

  • javier solis says:

    Hello, I love that painting represents the wisdom that all the politicians of our beloved country should have

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