• Samma says:

    Dear Jimdali:

    These eyes on this painting are misplaced. Not a good combination for something so spiritual and ethereal as the staircase to Heaven. The Dogs, the Cats, I could see, and even the olives and Martini wasn’t all that bad, but these eyes are totally misplaced in this creation.

    You are doing such a marvelous job at your creative genius, I am totally sad that I did not purchase one of your earlier paintings or poster of the staircase before you started introducing other subjects into it. I tried hard with Shari but it just wasn’t working. :(( My loss. I do have your coffee table book here in my front room. Love your work.

    Many blessings to you always,

  • Marcelle says:

    I saw this at the Wyland Gallery in Fort Lauderale and was captivated. I’ve identified John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis. I think the 6th pair is Cher but my husband says no since Cher is still alive. Can you please tell us who these eyes belong to? Thank you.

  • Mari says:

    Maybe Whitney Houston?

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