Moter Nature by Jim Warren
by Jim Warren
Moter Nature by Jim Warren

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  • Dawn Andrews says:

    You can really feel Gaia’s energy coming though this piece, and it stuck with me for years after seeing it. Thanks for blessing me with this wonderful personification of nature, feminine intensity, and loving focus. Earth is forever captured in this work!

  • Mary & Randy Fyffe says:

    Love this one. It hangs over the fireplace.
    Thank you for the signed book that this one graces the cover.

  • Suzann Larsen says:

    This is my all-time favorite Mother Nature illustration. I once had a T-shirt with this image on it, loved it, and totally wore it out. That was at least 20 (more likely 30) years ago! But I have never forgotten the image and always looked for a print of it (or at least another Tshirt!). I’ve searched for it online many times but never found it since the volume of search results were so totally overwhelming for “mother nature tshirt”, I just couldn’t wade through it all. But today was my lucky day… I FINALLY managed to locate the talented artist that created the beautiful image that has stuck so strongly in my mind for so many many years. THANK YOU!!

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