• irene oszip says:

    HI Jim, I went on a cruise with you Wyland, Your parents and Kids several years ago. Hope you remember us. I want to know how much your 7 monster painting is. Also I never did see your doors , door on pawn star, did it air already?

  • Jim Shaw says:

    My wife and I was on a cruise to Hawaii a few years ago where we met Jim W, We were lucky enough to be able to have dinner with Jim and his son one evening. When Jim, his mother and father were in Laguna Beach, California, it was fun driving to the coast to see him LIVE. I hope he stops by the Southern California Coast once again. Regarding the airing of the door on Pawn Star. Yes, it did air. I got to watch it.

  • John Pallas says:

    I love the Hollywood monster painting I saw at Boardwalk at Disney. Unfortunately it was sold. Can you paint another one? Captain Larry said that you were going to be there in May. I will try to be there. Thanks, John

  • Angel Garcia says:

    True Hollywood Horror at its Finest! Kudos to you yet again!

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